Scisciano Italy  

Deliberation of the Board of Directors November 5, 2000
"Each year an arising number of breed clubs are formed worldwide and we are proud and gratified for their accomplishments, however at the same time we are concerned for the future of our canine breed in all countries of the world.
In other breeds we have witnessed recognizable differences from nation to nation. As a result, it generates confusion and it cannot be allowed, and it must not happen to the Neapolitan Mastiff. Thus, in order to further pursue and establish the phenotype as well as the behavioral characteristics that distinguish the Neapolitan Mastiff and to preserve the correct interpretation and content of the Italian standard for the breed, officially recognized by F.C.I., the Board of Directors of the S.A.M.N., hereby states the constitution, of a organization named  "WORLD SAMN"."
In accordance with the above statement the S.A.M.N. Board of Directors sets the following requirements:
1)  A General Assembly composed by the presidents in charge of the affiliated clubs. The assembly will be responsible for the following duties:
a-  to discuss the principal issues related to both the technical aspects and the health of the breed.
b-  to elect a Board of Directors for a term of four years.
c-  to advise and validate the activities of the elected board.
2)  The Board of Directors is composed of four members elected by the General Assembly and will govern for the term of four years.  The board will be responsible for the following duties:
a-  to elect an internal vice president and a treasurer.
b-  to administer the decisions of the general assembly.
c-  to organize annual WORLD SAMN championship events and public conventions.
d-  to organize stages for the training and update of both judges and breeders.
e-  to provide constant information of the society's initiatives through the publications of the affiliated clubs.
3)  The constitution of a technical committee with the authority to provide a "certificate of typicity" called, "CE. T." this will address and guide the foreign breeders and enthusiasts towards the Italian standard (F.C.I.).
4)  The title of the  WORLD SAMN  president is given to a person elected by the Board of Directors of the S.A.M.N., the      official club who sets the standard of the breed.
5)  All clubs affiliated must have (to accelerate the exchange of information) :
a- an Internet connection and an official web page.
b- a translator of the Italian language to the country of the affiliated club.
6. All clubs affiliated will submit an annual membership fee of 200,000 Italian Lire, (currently $100.00 US dollars).